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Full Name:
Emin Thonal, King of Narkang and the Three Cities


An intelligent and powerful man with a passion for the dark side of history of the Land. Doesn't let his trust be abused. His appearance shows no sign of ageing, with not a grey hair in sight and slightly tanned skin. He has handsome features, a strong nose and brilliantly blue eyes, wearing a feathered hat as part of his attire. He is a relatively small figure, typical of a Chetse.


King of Narkang and the Three Cities

Given the Darklight axe as a gift from the Farlan. It is a single headed axe with a curved spike on the reverse and made form a single piece of steel. Four rods of steel strengthen the wooden shaft.
The axe contains five red runes in down the centre

His armour is golden

Ally of the Farlan
His nation, Narkang, is one of the strongest of the seven tribes
He became King at the age of twenty-one
At the age of twenty-four he conquered his neighbouring area, Aroth.
At twenty-six he conquered Canar Fell
Thirty-one years of age, he succeeded in getting Canar Thrit to join the Narkang kingdom
The shadows fear him
Friends with Morghien from when they entered the Elven Waste together
Has a private team looking after him, known as the Brotherhood.
Been ruler of Narkang for over twenty years
Married to Queen Oterness
He is struggling to produce a child
The coin of Narkang, the emin, is named after King Emin himself.
Enjoys smoking cigars.
Turned Narkang from a town into a Kingdom.
His reign brought a decade of peace to Narkang.
He dissuaded the raids of Western Isles pirates

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