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Hey guys,

Sorry I've been absent for so long...wow how time flies, 3 months since I last posted! The reason for this has been university has taken over my life at the moment. I'm in final year and the work load is horrendous, so blog posting has had to be put back for a while.

I have managed to take time out to post right now, and I will try and get the characters up, even though it may be slowly...very slowly. But it will get done eventually. Hopefully by the time the fourth book is out.

I admire Tom for the work he does, writing a book and working at the same time requires a lot of patience and the amount of pressure he must be under is incredible! So, Tom, keep up the good work, we are all looking forward to the next book, whenever this may be. The ending to The Grave Thief was good, but I believe their is a lot more to come from the next installment. I am thinking right now that it will be more of a Grave Thief Part II than a completely new book. Anybody else thinking along these lines?

Anyway, back to uni work, christmas is just around the corner people.

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