The Ragged Man  

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Some great news today, (I say that like most news is bad news [this is not true]) there has been a first draft of the Raggen Man front cover. This is for the US edition and has stuck with the theme of epic fantasy. Theres the typical dragon, small man combination, with a hint of fire. So typical fantasy front cover then?

Todd Lockwood has created the covers for the first three books, and the cover for the fourth looks just as awesome. Here it is in all its glory:

What do you think? A return for Grenedel perhaps? Or is this Isak in another form? So many questions about the story could be raised from the cover. Although, previous covers did never tell the whole story.

It appears as though the 'dragon' is stood outside a gateway. Where does this lead? Is the dragon guarding it or has it emerged from the gateway? What is everyones opinions on the cover?

Whilst were on the topic of The Ragged Man, I thought I would insert the synopsis for it here. ***SPOILER ALERT!***

Lord Isak is dead; his armies and entire tribe in disarray. As the Farlan retreat and Kastan Styrax mourns his dead son, it is King Emin who takes the initiative while he still can. The secret, savage war he has devoted his life to nears its terrible conclusion as Ruhen positions himself as answer to the Land's problems. Before the conquering eye of the Menin turns in his direction Emin must take his chance and strike without mercy.

A showdown is coming and battle lines are drawn as blood is spilled across the Land. The specter of the Great War looms but this time the Gods are not marching to war. It will be men who decide the future now. But before victory, before survival, there must first be salvation—even if it must be sought in the darkest place imaginable.

With the tide turning against Emin and his allies the key to their survival may lie in the hands of a dead man.

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