Certinse, Duke  

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Full Name:
Karlat Certinse


Possesses a hot temper, much like a white-eye with long, straight black hair and just twenty years old


Duke Certinse (formerly Scion Lomin)

Lomin's Torch and Bloodlight, weapons only Chosen could surpass
Lomin's Torch has a figure of a wolf sleeping on its pommel and contains simple runes. It is his familys ancestral sword

His crest is that of a snarling wolf's head. The colour's of the Lomin family are bronze and red. His clasps that hold his cape are also shaped like wolf heads

Former Scion Lomin
Son of Duke Lomin
His cousin was Dirass Certinse
The certinse family crest is a castle keep
Given Lomin's Torch by his ill father
Led three thousand men to their deaths at Lomin
Took his mothers name (Certinse) instead of his fathers (Lomin)
Didn't get on with his father or siblings
He was the one who planned the defence at Lomin
Had five hundred knights at his command in Lomin
The Certinse family controls a suzerainty, a dukedom and the Knights of the Temples

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