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Full Title:
Nartis, God of Storms


God of:

Temples & Shrines:
Temples dedicated to Nartis are situated on top of hills
There is a bust of Nartis in the public baths in Narkang, with sapphires for eyes

Chose Isak as Krann
Nartis is the larger of the two moons
Brother to Veren
Provides strength to Isak through his dreams
Only Death is stronger than Nartis
Monks of Nartis wear dark blue robes
Rumours have spread that Genedel is an embodiment of Nartis
Nartis rejected Genreal Lahk as Krann and scarred his body
Nartis helped Isak fight off the White Circle at Narkang
Commander Brandt and all those that fell at Narkang are buried in the Temple of Nartis

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