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An emerging city in the West, it is one of the largest and most prosperous cities in The Land, it is dubbed the First City if the West. Narkang's streets consist of wide avenues and hundreds of taverns and stalls


Situated in the West of The Land, Narkang is a huge kingdom located on the South side of the Morwhent River

People of Power:
Emin Thonal, King of Narkang and the Three Cities
Queen Oterness of Narkang

Places of Interest:
White Palace, a beautiful building with twin, silver-capped towers. The courtyard blossoming with red, orange and white flowers surrounding gravel paths, ornate fountains and marble statues
The Public Baths, once half a dozen natural hot springs, now one of the great wonders of The Land. It is an imposing stone building with massive vaulted windows. Outside of the building are statues of: Ilit; Belarannar, Goddess of the Earth and Vasle, God of Rivers. Inside is a statue of Baoliss.

Populated by people of mixed blood
The people only respect those with rank and wealth
Attracts large groups of butterflies during the Summer period
Is the home of The Brotherhood, a gang of criminals
Narkang's power equals that of Tirah
The Spring Fair takes places here a day before the Equinox
The Public Baths are dedicated to an aspect of the river God, Vasle
The currency in Narkand is emins, named after their King, Emin Thonal

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