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Full Name:
Betyn Carelfolden


Black hair that has turned white over years of experience, he has hair tied back in three plaits tied with copper wire, the sign of a mercenary


Former Sergeant, Third Squad, Vanguard Company, Eight Regiment
Now known as Marshal Carelfolden of Etinn

Arugin - a sword forged by Isak himself and contains magical powers. The blades smooth, silent stroke was like a blackbirds gliding flight. And is made of black iron with a white tint to it


A former ghost, retired member of the Palace Guard
Trained Isak from a young age to be a Ghost
His parents were servants on the Suzerain estate
Part of the wagon train where Isak orginated
Knows Isak inside out and isn't afraid to stand up to him
Taught Isak most of what he knows including how to read and fight
Reunited with Isak after Lomin
Quit the wagon train and became a bodyguard to a merchant
Rejoined Isak and travelled with him to Narkang
Handpicked Isak's thirty strong guard
Keeps a guard tunic for the day he dies
Owns the manor of Etinn as given the title of Marshal by Lord Bahl
Commander of Isak's personal guard

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