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Full Name:
Lord Bahl


Dark hair with three copper coloured plaits, as he is white eye his eyes are of a white pigment. He is a huge figure at over seven feet tall but also very disciplined even though the natural white-eye outbursts still occur. Has a harsh face with solid lines and blunt corners, has a thick and strong brow, one of the greatest warriors in the Land, a man of boundless strength and energy. He is also the only mage capable of hunting down vampires


Lord of the Parian and Lord of Storms, Duke of Tirah and ruler of the Farlan tribe

White Lightning, a five foot long broadsword that projects lightning

An old , bowl shaped crested helm with a Y slit for the eyes and mouth
Very magical and enchanted, a misty grey colour

Isak is his Krann
Bahl's coat of arms is a black eagle painted onto a white background
His quarters are at the top of the Tower of Semar
Killed Lord Atro
Keeps a painting and a ring to remind him of his wife, Ineh
Was Krann to Lord Atro
Rarely seen without his blue silk hood covering his face
Has little interest in politics
Tried to get Nartis to choose General Lahk before Isak was chosen
He secured the assistance of Genedel in battle
Had a very harsh early life
Saved the battle at Lomin when he arrived on Genedel
Head of the cult of Nartis
Went to the White Isle to embrace his doom
Killed by Kastan Styrax
He was a neternal hero for all the Farlan tribe

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