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The oldest of the human cities and is one of the most beautiful. Its many towers and complex architecture make Tirah a remarkable city


The heart of the Spiderweb Mountains towards the North of The Land

People of Power:
Duke - Lord Bahl, ruler of the Farlan tribe

Places of Interest:
The Palace Walk Market, the largest market in the city

The Tower of Semar, Lord Bahls quarters

Barbican Square, surrounded by towers with a large central fountain

Great Hall, a of mess room, with long tables where people of Tirah gather
for food and meals

The Heraldic Library, located in the oldest district of the city, full of
ancient buildings and court residences

Hunter's Ride, a road from the river, intersecting Palace Walk up towards
Tirah Palace

Irienn Square, a market place located off Hunter's Ride

Cold Halls, once a palace, now administration offices, located on the North
side of Irienn Square

Named after Veriole Farlan, first king of the Farlan tribe

Tirah Palace was not built for defence, but after a tower was destryoed by magic a huge
wall was built around the palace.

No one has ever succeeded in sieging Tirah Palace

The library had once been a temple to the Gods of the Upper Circle before being converted

The library fire is also traditionally the first fire to be lit in the Palace

Gutter runners,those who travel the rooftops of Tirah, are said to be the quickest means of spreading information around the city.

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